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The European Hedgehog is one of Britain's favourite wild animals. That said, it is shocking to discover the staggering statistics: Hedgehogs have declined by 50% over the last 25 years. Half of their population has already vanished.

Indeed, the BTO confirmed the crisis many of us have feared for a long time - The European Hedgehog is dying out. Our spikey friends could be extinct as early as 2050.

The alarming revelation could in fact be worse: the BTO also suspect a decline of a momentous 40% in just 10 short years.

But what is responsible for the dramatic plight of the European Hedgehog? Suggested reasons include the continuing intensification of agriculture (namely reductions in permanent pasture, loss of hedgerows and field margins) as well as fragmentation of habitat in urban areas and predation by badgers.
Take a look at that list. What do you notice? - We are primarily responsible for habitat loss which has an impact on not just Hedgehogs, but all forms wildlife. This is something we need to change.
The European Hedgehog website intends to convey this message with the hope of creating a bigger picture. This website will educate you about Hedgehogs and give you an insight into their lives. Please read through the pages and most importantly - take the information you learn here and use it to do something amazing to help this charismatic creature in crisis. 

Bethany-Jane Stewart.

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Petition reaches 920 signatures!

The ongoing Elastic Band Petition which aims at highlighting the issue of this dangerous form of litter being dropped has now reached 920 signatures.

I launched the petition a few months ago after it came to my attention that Royal Mail employees were incorrectly disposing of elastic bands, therefore harming wildlife, particularly Hedgehogs. 

Pictures & videos NEEDED 

I'm constantly looking for pictures and videos of Hedgehogs to use on the website. I have a very limited amount of my own and it would be of momentous help if you could email me yours. They all help educate about the European Hedgehog, so please get in contact with me if you have any I could use.

Please email me them at:

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New range of posters!

I have launched a new range of Hedgehog posters supporting various themes including:

  • Hedgehogs and strimmers
  • Hedgehogs and bonfires
  • Underweight Hedgehogs
  • Feed the Hedgehogs
Please help make a difference by distributing the posters. You could either print out the posters or place them on your own website or blog. 


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PLEASE NOTE: many of the pictures featured on this site are of Hedgehogs out during the day. These are the Hedgehogs under treatment at a Hedgehog or wildlife rescue. Please remember this is not natural behaviour for a Hedgehog, and any found to be out during the day will be in need of rescuing.